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Desktop Campaign Tools integrates various services Political Data Systems offers:

  • Bundled voter list download (quota varies with plan). Discounts for additional download (discount varies with plan).
  • Absentee Chase subscription fee waived
  • Birthday Notification Service.
  • Discounted Mobile Campaign Tools.
  • Creation and application of issue tags for voters.
  • Extended voter search capability (including tags).
  • Reports (Walk List, Call List, custom list).
  • Export  (CSV, Excel)
  • Discounted Consulting Services.

This package allows for conventional precinct canvassing & phone banking and keypunch of information gathered while performing these operations. Tagging of voters allows later search and reporting for follow-up communications or actions, such as deliver yard sign, mail bumper sticker, has a key legislative issue they are interested in, etc.

Each package allows for downloading/printing a finite volume of voter lists with discounts for additional downloads.

Mobile Campaign Tools package discount is included in this package.

Absentee Chase provides for tracking of Early, Advance, and Absentee Ballots. While there are charges for Absentee Ballot emails and postal deliveries, the subscription fee is waived as part of this package.


The number of concurrent users varies with the package, but all allow for at least three concurrent users.